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Apache accesses Apache accesses
Apache processes Apache processes
Apache volume Apache volume


Disk usage in percent Disk usage in percent
Filesystem usage (in bytes) Filesystem usage (in bytes)
Inode usage in percent Inode usage in percent


Exim mail throughput Exim mail throughput
Exim Mailqueue Exim Mailqueue


Connections through firewall Connections through firewall
Firewall Throughput Firewall Throughput
Hosts blacklisted by fail2ban Hosts blacklisted by fail2ban
ipconntrack ipconntrack
venet0 errors venet0 errors
venet0 traffic venet0 traffic


Osmose: markers manually closed Osmose: markers manually closed


PostgreSQL autovacuum workers PostgreSQL autovacuum workers
PostgreSQL bgwriter PostgreSQL bgwriter
PostgreSQL buffer cache PostgreSQL buffer cache
PostgreSQL checkpoints PostgreSQL checkpoints
PostgreSQL connections PostgreSQL connections
PostgreSQL connections per database PostgreSQL connections per database
PostgreSQL connections per user PostgreSQL connections per user
PostgreSQL database size PostgreSQL database size
PostgreSQL locks PostgreSQL locks
PostgreSQL oldest prepared transaction PostgreSQL oldest prepared transaction
PostgreSQL prepared transactions PostgreSQL prepared transactions
PostgreSQL query length PostgreSQL query length
PostgreSQL replication lag PostgreSQL replication lag
PostgreSQL scan types PostgreSQL scan types
PostgreSQL transaction log PostgreSQL transaction log
PostgreSQL transactions PostgreSQL transactions
PostgreSQL tuple access PostgreSQL tuple access


Fork rate Fork rate
Number of threads Number of threads
Processes Processes
Processes priority Processes priority
VMstat VMstat


Available entropy Available entropy
CPU usage CPU usage
File table usage File table usage
Inode table usage Inode table usage
Interrupts and context switches Interrupts and context switches
Load average Load average
Logged in users Logged in users
Memory usage Memory usage
Swap in/out Swap in/out
Uptime Uptime